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another report
on gen z?

This report starts from a genuine belief that publishers can turn youngsters into loyal and paying users. It was prepared out of respect for, and true fascination about, new generations.

This is the first chunk of the authors’ subjective insider perspective based on their professional experience in brand and business strategy within the media industry, in particular in subscriptions.

✦   It is not a behavioral study of younger generations.
✦   It is not a marketing presentation nor a sales pitch.
✦   It does not give all the answers.

It rather aims to draw inspiration from other industries, since the media and news industries, as complex and fascinating as they are, have no time left to learn only from each other.

Our hope is that this report will enable you to

✦   Act now with actionable and proven insights;

✦   Learn from other best-in-class industries;

✦   Brace your media business to capture and retain future young readers.

And ensure the industry is resilient for the next generation!

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about the authors

By joining forces, we aim to offer an unparalleled perspective that fuses our expertise in both multinational giants and hyperlocal gems, shaping the realms of marketing, strategy and revenue growth

Danuta Bregula
Brand & Subscription Strategist

Totally hyped about branding with experience in both news and lifestyle media landscapes, steering subscription enterprises and spearheading digital marketing initiatives. Plus, a trained service designer.

Liesbeth Nizet
Business Transformation Strategist

The go-to for long term monetization of (news) subscriptions driven by a profound passion for trustworthy media. Empowering (female) leaders to (re)create sustainable, diverse and profitable news and subscription organisations.